HospitalityCARE is proud to offer the HC Minimum Value Major Medical Plan — our fully-insured, ACA-Compliant true major medical plan designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry — along with self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Fixed Indemnity Medical solutions.

  • HC Minimum Value Major Medical Plan

    The HC Minimum Value Major Medical Plan provides full in-patient hospitalization benefits to ensure ACA compliance, and replaces first-generation Minimum Value Plans grandfathered through 2015. As the national leader for more than a decade in the hospitality and staffing industries, only HC has the size, expertise and scope of business to be able to offer a true Minimum Value Major Medical Plan plan to the hospitality industry.

    • No minimum enrollment/participation
    • Eliminates (A) tax for employers
    • Employer contribution optional to eliminate or manage (B) tax
    • Electronic or paper enrollment
    • Enhanced technology solutions and award-winning administrative support

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  • HC Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

    The HC self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan is ERISA qualified plans covering ACA required wellness and preventative coverages. The MEC plan is completely voluntary with no required employer contribution and may eliminate the $2,000 (A) employer penalty.

  • HC Fixed Indemnity Medical

    Over our 20+ year history, more than 2,450 hospitality and staffing companies across America offered the HC Fixed Indemnity Plan to help employees who need help the most – those unable to afford high premiums, deductibles and co-pays of traditional major medical insurance plans. The HC Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan offers many benefits including:

    • No deductible, no co-pay, first-day coverage, no pre-existing limitation clauses
    • In and out of benefit status - skip a premium payment when off assignment
    • In-patient and out-patient surgery benefits, plus daily room and board
    • Coverage for doctor office visits
    • Cover the majority of an average employee’s day-to-day medical expenses*
    • Excepted benefits protected from constantly changing ACA regulations
    • Does not impact an employee’s ability to receive valuable ACA subsidies
    • Utilizes one of America’s largest and most respected PPO Networks – First Health Network
    • Optional Vision, Dental, Life, and Short Term Disability benefits

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